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ATV Safari: Short Tour
ATV Safari: Short Tour
SHORT TOUR Cappadocia Region covers an area of approximately 25,000 km². That's why, guests with limi
Important Update

For Turkish customers: 

Turkish driver licenses will be valid in 180 countries all around the world after Jan. 1 2016 and has to be changed in 5 years. 

The most wondered question among people, who want to buy or rent an ATV, is "Does ATV require a driver license?". If you rent an on-road ATV, it has to have a traffic registry sign meaning that you have to have A2 type drivers license. However, if ATV is an off-road type, as you will ride it off-road, no one asks you a license. Thanks to recent update on Turkish Driver license, people with a type B license will also be able to ride ATVs

Transfer Details and a Short Note:

We take you to the start point with our transfer service. You meet our tour guides and team. After you are given detailed information about how to ride ATVs, you start with our training area around 10-15 min. If we don't feel confortable for your safety, you advise you to have guide with you on ATV that he rides for you. 

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