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Cappadocia Balloon Flights
Cappadocia Balloon Flights
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 Which side do we drive?
 What are the driving laws?
Driving rules are the same as international road rules. Almost all the road signs are the same. However you will see there are some unusual and unique signs in the area such as one with a turtle which literally means a turtle could be waddling through the main road!
 What are the insurance conditions?
The insurance conditions are different for each vehicle.
• Cars have full insurance but remember insurance does not cover the damages due to misuse of the car
• ATV (Quads) has no insurance because they are considered all-terrain vehicles and you can not drive them on the main road.
• Scooters / Motorbikes have third party insurance which is included in the rental price. This is a legal requirement from the government. Full insurance of scooters is not available.
• Mountain bikes have no insurance. Turkey does not recognise mountain bikes as an insurable vehicle. However around Cappadocia there are bike lanes on the main roads so you can feel safer. However why spend time on the main roads when there are so many beautiful valleys around this area?
 What happens when we get lost and/or are running run late?
Please inform us if you are running late and don’t worry, Turkish hospitality will help you and point you in the right direction if you get lost.
 What happens when there is a mechanic problem?
This will depend on how far away from the office you are and what kind of vehicle you have rented. We will talk to you about what to do before you start your trip. The best way to handle the situation is to not let anybody else try and fix the problem and just inform us straight away. Our company mechanics will help you or we will change the vehicle to another one if fixing the problem on the spot will mean you lose valuable renting time.
 What if I crash the one of the uninsured vehicles?
Well this is bad news for both of us! Depending on the model, make and age of the vehicle, we will try and find the new parts to replace the damaged parts or if the damage is repairable, our mechanics will fix it themselves. It is amazing what our mechanics can do. We will try to do our best to make you happy and put our vehicle back together again and back on the road as soon as possible.
 What if the vehicle is damaged already?
We recommend to all our customers, please, no matter what the insurance conditions are or which country you are in, please take photos of the vehicle. Only do business with companies which have specified the insurance conditions in the rental agreement upon signing the rental contract.
 Do you have Student or Group Discounts?
Yes, upon showing your student card you will recieve discount. The card will be requested prior to signing the rental agreement. Groups over 4 people are also eligible for a discount, however this depends on the time of year.
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